LankaShipping Lines

Ship items to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lankan Delight, in partnership with LankaShipping Lines, provides you with the opportunity to send items from USA to Sri Lanka at an affordable cost. 



1. Enter your contact details in the form below

- please include the city you are contacting us from so that we may respond accordingly. 

2. We will contact you with specific details about how to send your package. 

3. Once your package is received, you will receive a tracking number and paperwork to fill out for the payment details. 

4. After all paperwork is signed and received, your package will be shipped in the next available container. 

5. Packages take approximately 5-6 weeks to arrive in Sri Lanka. 

6. Once package arrives, it must clear customs and taxes* may apply depending on what is being sent. 



- We offer FREE pick-up for packages that are 5 cubic feet or more. No exceptions.

- If your package is less than 5 cubic feet, you may drop it off at Sri Lankan Delight (19016 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana CA 91356) 


For Non-CA residents and CA residents out of Los Angeles and surrounding Area:

- You can ship your items and online orders to Sri Lankan Delight 

- Once your packages are received, we will contact you with the total amount and complete paperwork as needed. 

- Please contact us before sending your items so that we can expect your package

- We offer discounted FedEx and USPS labels upon request if needed. 



1. Warehouse Delivery - Colombo or Kandy

$9 a cubic foot

2. Residential Delivery -  packages delivered directly to an address in Sri Lanka

$9 a cubic foot in addition to fees below depending on size. 

Up to 8 cubic feet - $55

Additional $5 per cubic foot 

*The fees for residential delivery includes taxes that are applied when clearing through customs. 


What can you ship?

- food items

- clothing

- furniture 

- home goods 

- toys

- school supplies



- Alcohol

- Electronic Devices (Computers, phones, radios, printers, etc...)